Singapore Airlines 777-9 at KPAE Paine Field
WH288 Singapore Airlines 777-9 line 1737 move from the factory to the flightline.


DHL 777F at KPAE Paine Field
WF398 DHL 777F line 1777 in the 40-25.


P-8A 170477 at KPAE Paine Field
YP130 P-8A 170477 low approach on a flight acceptance test from Boeing field.


KC-46A N462KC at KPAE Paine Field KC-46A N462KC at KPAE Paine Field
VH004 KC-46A N462KC ferry flight from Grant County Airport. No longer in the flight test inventory,
test equipment will be removed at the EMC over the next two months.


KC-46A at KPAE Paine Field
VH098 KC-46A line 1316 move from the EMC to the fuel dock for initial fueling.


Aeromexico 787-9 N748AM at KPAE Paine Field
ZE384 Aeromxico 787-9 N748AM was scheduled for a C1 customer flight today, it looks like something unexpected happened.



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