OCTOBER 25, 2016


ZB694 ANA 787-9 JA888A departing on a B1 flight.


ANA JA886A at the Delivery Center this afternoon. About an hour after departing for Tokyo the 787-9 turned back to Paine Field after an engine failed. Departure message here.


EA-18G NL510 168386 touch and go.


WE466 China Eastern 777 B-7367 C1 customer flight.


VH005 KC-46A N842BA back from an engineering flight. VH003 N463FT is at the fuel dock.


VT592 FedEx 767 N142FE B2 flight.


Flights scheduled for October 26: VT592 FedEx 767 N142FE C1 customer flight, WF216 Korean Air Cargo 777F HL8076 functional check flight, WF143 Korean Air Cargo 777F HL8045 C1 customer flight, ZA874 Uzbekistan Airways 787-8 UK78702 C1 customer flight.